• Hard Seltzer - finally in Norway!

    Ægir is the first producer in Norway to launch Hard Seltzer under the name BEKK. Our version is made with fresh Norwegian mountain water and is launched with three different flavors; raspberry, mango and peach. This is definitely a new type of sparkling water!

  • Ægir cans with the 360End

    Of course we can!

    Ægir was the first craft beer brewery in Norway to change nearly their entire product range from bottles to cans in 2016. We invested heavily in a full canning line for a number of very important reasons. Number one: that cans are the best alternative to keep light and oxygen away from the beer.

  • Mat og Øl

    Good beer with good food!

    In a dark but not too distant past, a pint of lager was all you could get if you wanted beer with your meal. Luckily this has changed. Good food deserves the company of good drink, and at Ægir we make a variety of quality craft beers to choose from no matter what the menu is.

  • Stacky the Robot

    "Stacky" the robot!

    Meet our newest employee who reduces the workload on the packaging crew and gives them more time to do other tasks!