Hard Seltzer is an alcoholic beverage containing carbonated water, alcohol and fruit flavoring. It has existed in the U.S. since 2012, but has been relatively unknown in Norway until now. Other terms for the drink is “spiked water” and “hard sparkling water”. This has become huge in the U.S. and after the summer of 2019, Hard Seltzer sold more than several large craft beer breweries.


Ægir is the first producer in Norway to launch this product under the name BEKK. Our version is made with fresh Norwegian mountain water and is launched with four different flavors; raspberry, mango, peach and lime. This is a pure and natural product with no sugar added and the calorie-content is only 95 calories and 3 g carbs per can. The product is also gluten free.


Ægir believes that BEKK will reach out to a new type of consumers who are health conscious and cares about their life style. Since BEKK has no sugar, low calorie-content, low abv and is light and refreshing, we believe we will reach this type of consumers. This is definitely a new type of sparkling water!