We’ve invested in a new co-worker, a robot delivered by Rocketfarm from Sogndal in cooperation with the Kameleon Group. Our new friend has been given the suitable name Stacky, after we organized a competition on social media where we received close to 400 name suggestions.

With the robot in place we are focusing on new and innovative technology that will ease the strain of repetitive lifting for our employees, so they can focus on more productive tasks. After all, using creative and resourceful people for stacking several tons of boxes per hour is not a good use of their time. In other words, having Stacky on the team is a win for everyone!

Because of sensors built in to the robot, we also didn’t need to build any safety enclosures around the palletizing area. The robot will stop if comes into contact with anything, and the movements are gentle enough as to no be a hazard. This means that it can safely be placed in small spaces and is therefore extra efficient and convenient in our crowded brewery.

Big thanks to Rocketfarm and Kameleon for our new, efficient coworker!

Check out Rocketfarm´s website: https://www.rocketfarm.no/